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Dear reader,

Over the past few months, all the machinery moving the wheels of the OVERLEAF project has continued to work tirelessly.

As a first result, the project has successfully completed the Preliminary Design Review (PDR).

The PDR process involved a comprehensive assessment of various design trade-offs, scrutinizing each option's technical feasibility, performance metrics, and potential challenges for propelling the project forward.

Alongside the achievement of this milestone, the OVERLEAF project has also made strides in identifying the most suitable material for the inner tank, a critical component in hydrogen storage and transportation. Five candidate materials were tested to determine their key characteristics, with a particular focus on their ability to withstand the extreme temperatures of liquid hydrogen (20.3 Kelvin). This testing, conducted at the ICSI facilities, has provided insights into the material's hydrogen permeation properties, ensuring a safe and reliable storage solution.

Furthermore, the very first OVERLEAF journalistic article has been released: the journalist Selene Verri aims to show how hydrogen has proven to be the most promising technology for less polluting aviation, and how industries, researchers, and EU projects are taking up its challenges, from the energy consumption to the existing unsuitable infrastructures.

Finally, the “Insights from the OVERLEAF experts” video series has officially been launched. Consisting of a series of interviews with project partners, this video series sets out to give a more specific but at the same time easy to digest description about different aspects of the project, from its economic and environmental impacts to the possible challenges and benefits related to the development of the hydrogen-powered tank.

These advancements underscore the OVERLEAF project's commitment to pioneering a sustainable and efficient hydrogen-powered future for the aerospace industry.

Emma Celeste Rope Retuerto

Project Coordinator


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November 2, 2023
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Emma Celeste Lope Retuerto
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