The 23rd International Conference on Composites Materials (ICCM 23) will be held in Belfast, Northern Ireland, from July 30th to August 4th, 2023. ICCM is the premier international conference in the field of composite materials and was first held in 1975 in the cities of Geneva and Boston. Since that time the conference has been held biennially in North American, European, Asian, Oceanic, and African cities.

ICCM 23 will attract the leading researchers and practitioners, to report and exchange ideas on the latest developments in the advancement and exploitation of a wide range of composites materials and structures. The general themes of material development, testing, modelling, manufacturing and design will encompass a breadth of topics which will provide a comprehensive global snap-shot of the state-of-the-art.

Plenary and keynote lectures from pre-eminent leaders in the field are planned, along with oral and poster presentations from an expected large delegation coming together in Belfast from all corners of the world.

NTNU will attend the conference on behalf of OVERLEAF.

Learn more about the conference here.

Photo by K. Mitch Hodge from Unsplash

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