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As we reach the midway point of 2024, it’s an opportune moment to reflect on the remarkable progress made by OVERLEAF and to look ahead to the exciting developments on the horizon.

Since December 2023, our consortium has made significant strides. Our recent meetings in Valencia and Girona provided invaluable opportunities to discuss both achievements and challenges. These collaborative sessions have solidified our commitment to manufacturing and testing a demonstrator, the cornerstone of our project.

In collaboration with CANOE, AIMEN, UdG, and Aciturri, we have focused on utilizing thermoplastic materials to address the disparity in thermal expansion coefficients (CT) between the matrix and the fibers. This work is crucial in enhancing the structural integrity and performance of our storage system.

We have also defined the final open cell material, a pivotal step in optimizing the thermal insulation properties of our tanks. Our development of advanced temperature sensors, tailored for use at cryogenic temperature, represents another significant advancement. These sensors are essential for precise monitoring and management of the thermal conditions within the storage system.

Finally, in a landmark achievement, UdG conducted the first tests at cryogenic temperature to determine the structural properties of our materials. These tests are foundational to ensuring the robustness and reliability of our storage solution under operational conditions.

Stay tuned for further updates!

Emma Celeste Lope Retuerto

Project Coordinator


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