The first six months of the project have produced the desired results, and now the project can zero in on its target, which is in sight and ready to be engaged.

Partners have identified KPIs for the development and success of the project. The main KPI, the gravimetric index, seeks to measure the potential of the proposed tank as a viable solution for the aviation sector. KPIs for sub-components have been established to keep their critical properties under control: inner tank KPIs, insulating layers KPIs, and external tank structural material KPIs. They will be applied to evaluate the success of the LPH storage system.

Project partners have also selected materials for the solution according to the technical requirements of different parts of the cryo H2 tank (first version), developed by Aciturri and the manufacturing processes.

Finally, the preliminary design for the OVERLEAF LH2 tank is ready. All components are integrated to reduce weight and maximise the gravimetric index. However, its validity is subject to the results of future analyses and simulations.

Thanks to these specifications, partners can now start work on the manufacture of both the inner and outer tanks. More specifically, and over the next year, they will thus develop the optimized process window for manufacturing 1) the inner wall with increased strength resistance at cryogenic temperature (CT), 2) the intermediate foam with high thermal insulating behaviour at CT, and 3) the outer wall highly resistant to microcrack formation and gas permeation.

In the past months, OVERLEAF partners have also made preliminary exploitation forecasts. The use of hydrogen in the aviation sector requires overcoming technological challenges, while ensuring the quality and safety of the aircraft. The cost associated with this transition is high, which hinders its development and implementation in the market.

However, these drawbacks must be overcome to protect the environment. For hydrogen on board aircraft, weight needs to be minimised, as does its storage volume. Integral tanks will help with both these aspects.

For more information on our KPIs, visit the “Resources” section of the OVERLEAF website.

Photo by Rodion Kutsaiev from Unsplash

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