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It’s been an exciting time for our consortium as we continue to make significant progress in our pursuit of low-carbon propulsion technologies and new fuels. We are delighted to bring you the latest updates on our activities and collaborations.

Over the past few months, our consortium has been actively engaging with industry leaders and experts at various events. We had the pleasure of attending JEC World, a renowned composites event, where we had the opportunity to showcase our advancements in lightweight materials and their application in sustainable aviation.

We also participated in the Clean Aviation Annual Forum, a key platform for discussing clean aviation initiatives. It was an excellent opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas with other stakeholders in the industry.

One of the major milestones we have achieved recently is the kick-off of our Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) activities. Led by Professor Sotirios Grammatikos from the Department of Manufacturing and Civil Engineering at NTNU, our dedicated team held a webinar for consortium partners, providing an overview of our LCA and LCCA activities within the OVERLEAF project.

These assessments play a vital role in ensuring that our solutions meet not only environmental objectives but also economic considerations. We are committed to developing sustainable propulsion technologies that are not only ecologically sound but also commercially viable.

Finally, we are thrilled to announce our collaboration with six other EU-funded projects through the establishment of the ClimAvTech cluster. These projects, including MINIMALBeCOMMATISSEOVERLEAFHESTIA, and EFACA, share a common goal of developing low-carbon propulsion technologies and exploring alternative fuels such as hydrogen (H2).

In this issue, we would like to dedicate some space to our sister projects. We believe it is important to showcase their achievements and the valuable contributions they are making to the field of sustainable aviation.

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